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Date: 2009-11-17





Massimo: initiated idea to have "xMate" or "xMate like" edit/compile/link/run cycle IDE but available for all platforms Harbour support.


Viktor: presented the minimum requirements an IDE must contain

 0) Availability on OS X, Linux and Windows x86 and x64.

 1) Very good editor with block editing capability, syntax highlighting, possibly "intellisense". Project-wide search and replace. Support for all CPs Harbour supports. ( syntax highlighting for: prg, c and cpp )

 2) Integration with VCS.

 3) Integrated build tool.

 4) Integrated project management.


Istvan: extended 3) above as

 3.1) Integrated debugger.


Francesco: suggested to integrate "Eclipse" which he thought, and others supported, is a great tool, but also expressed that he has no knowledge, so far, how  it can be integrated with Harbour.




Since the day Andy started development on xMate, I remained in touch with this project and we had numerous talks about its features. Since then xMate is an integral part of my development cycles. I am rather a dire fan of xMate.


As this is a Windows only solution, it will probably be hard to port it to any other platform, unless a great amount of time is not invested into it. As of now I do not have requirements to convert my applications on all platforms and as such xMate completely fulfils my needs.


Having said that, still, I am keen on developing an IDE, to a level resembling to xMate ( because of my intimacy as well a big user base ) in functionality but extending it in other ways.




 0. Development style : PRG

 1. Primary coding style : HBXBP

 2. Extended calls ( if could not be included in HBXBP ) : HBQT

 3. Base protocol for COMPILE/LINK cycle : HBMK2

 4. 1st version : xMate like functionality

 5. 2nd version : Integration of Qt CREATOR and .ui components

 6. ...


BENEFITS ( apart from a multi-platform usage ):


 1. Xbase++ class framework will be extended to include some very fine Qt extensions.

 2. HBQT will be extented to include missing components which might be necessary.

 3. The resulting application will show up the strength of so many Harbour features.

 4. The resulting application will offer a application framework for GUI development to the beginners, i.e., it itself will be a demo application.








 HBIDE - Harbour's Integrated Development Environment




 Because project is purely based on PRG code, it is highly possible that a lot of you may join this effort, not only for coding but also for debugging, suggestions and whatever... So I see in optimism for its succeess.




 I am geared up for its development no matter what will be the consequences, failure or success.  First commit will be around this weekend though I am in a position to show you up something.




 Your support in terms of vocalness.


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