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hbIDE, as the name implies, Harbour's Integrated Development Environment, is an open-source, multi-platform, project hosted inside Harbour's SVN repository. hbIDE is aimed at simplifying the process of project life-cycle comprising, setting-up the project components, editing the sources, building them to final binaries.


Currently, only Harbour and xHarbour as a compiler is supported natively, and hopefully soon, its domain will be extended to Xbase++, Clipper, Clip, Flagship.


The central essense of hbIDE is to provide a single-window interface to carry on all related actions for an application project to materialize, without needing any other tool in the process. This concept is extended to make use of n number of C compilers from within the same project definition.


For Harbour and xHarbour projects, hbIDE will take use of the its powerful make system, hbMK2. For other compilers, mechanism will be provided to define compiler, linker commands and source definitions. This will, usually, be a one time process, and for rest of the life of the project hbIDE will take over.


The topics enumerated at the left are just an indication what will go inside them. These will be updated as time will permit, though primary attention is the development of hbIDE.


To be just familiar with how the interface may look, a random screen shot of hbIDE, hosting my own production projects is presented below.





















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