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.cpp fileIs a wrappers library for binding Nokis's Qt ( a cross-platform GUI framework library ). It follows Qt's class hirarchy "as is" and encapsulate its objects in exactly the same way Qt does. We call it - Harbour's Bindings for Qt and is named as hbQT - hb=Harbour Qt=Qt. It is comprised of two components,

 1. .cpp compliant functions

 2. .prg level Qt compliant class framework, the methods of which, call functions of ( 1 .cpp ).


.cpp(s) are named after Qt's class name and contain the functions calling the methods of that class - QWidget.cpp

.prg files are named after .cpp file name but prefixed with "T" - TQWidget.prg


Page url: http://hbide.vouch.info/?hbqt.htm