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Documentation writer is a unque-to-hbIDE interface which provides the necessary constructs to include documentation right along the function body or separately on the disk confirming to NANFORUM documentation standards.



1.  Click on "Documentation Writer" icon on the right-toolbar,

     2.  Open some source in the editor,

     3.  Position cursor somewhere inside a function body,

     4.  Click on "Load from current function" icon on the

         top-toolbar of "Document Writer" widget,

     5.  Look at the contents, few fields will be auto filled

         with various info from current function,

     6.  Complete the other fields with relevent information,

     7.1 Click on "Save the documentation with current function",

      .2 Look at the function body in the editor,

         The NANFORUM compliant documentation will be inserted

         at the top of function's prototype.

     8.1 Click on "Save written/updated documentation" icon,

         and provide the filename to save on disk,

      .2 Copy such generated .txt in /harbour/doc/en,

      .3 Open "Harbour Document Viewer" and you should be viweing

         newly written documentation there.

      .4 Such generated file is ready to be uploaded to SVN,

         just send it to the list and group will decide if it needs

         something extra.





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