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Born 04 June 1956 at a small town Karnal, a part of the then,

Punjab province of the Sovereign Republic of India,

attracted to software development only in

1989 at the age of 33 years.

Authored VOUCH, the software grows with you,

a mini ERP solution based on Indian way of business protocols, in general,

and many specific verticals, viz., Hotels, Hospitals, Money Changers, Schools, etc..

Attracted to xHarbour in 2002 and soon contributed to the Clipper community,



He turned to Harbour in 2007.


He contributed to the open-source projects (x)Harbour whatever small

he could do, major contribution being GTWVG, a library to give a look and

feel of Windows to a character based console application. This

he could do on the top of GTWVT, a contribution by Peter Rees.


Another major contribution to Harbour are hbQT, hbXBP, and hbIDE.


He also authored Vouch32 ActiveX Server ( ) raising the barrier of languages

and version control, a Com Component completely written in Harbour.


Author is a Masters degree holder in Commerce (M.Com.). Has served the banking industry,

has run a medium-scale retail business, and has achieved a little in

software development.








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