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hbIDE implements the concept of "intellisense" in a unique way. The concepts employed are not said to be "exhaustive" but provide a fair degree of guidance to the developer. The concepts are a mix of traditional way and something unique to hbIDE.


In the follwoing pages we will discuss its various usages and benefits.


To be a little comfortable below is the ChangeLog entries in the SVN.


Click on "ffn" icon on the right-toolbar or select "Projects Functions Lookup" in "View" menu.
In the opened dock-widget, click on "Mark Projects" button.
On the top of widget, a list of all projects loaded will appear.
Click in the little check boxes left to the project titles. You can choose n number of combinations.
Click on "Re-Tag" button, if this is the first time you are tagging project(s), or "Load Tags" if you already have tagged before.
Keep a watch on right-corner of "Syntax" box, it will show the running commentary.
After a while the table above will be populated with function info: Name Type Line Project Source.
Type some alphabets in the top-most edit control. It will position the function matching the typed characters in the table.
Double-click on some function in the table, it will be opened in the editor.


The "intellisense" part, above was basic mechanism to gather contents:


Type in the editor a function name which you think must have made up in the exercise carried above. The moment you will type "(" a nicely
formatted tooltip, displying the prototype of this function will appear beneth the caret position. The prototype will remain there for 10 seconds ( finding a way how it can be controlled the way I want ).
Position editor caret somewhere in some function characters and activate context menu with right click. Select "Goto Function" option.It will open the underlying source with cursor positioned on the function proto. Siultaneously, the function will be made current in the table in "Projects Functions Lookup" widget.


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