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This section describes technical details of hbIDE.


How to Invoke


hbIDE can be invoked with either of the combination, .ini .hbp .prg .c .cpp. Following algorithm is followed:


.ini has the precedance over .hbp.
if both are passed then .hbp will be added to the project tree, after loading components from .ini.
if only .hbp is passed, then no attempt is made to save the settings.
if only sources are passed then all will be opened "Main" panel, which will also be the startup panel, no project tree will be displayed.



C:\harbour\contrib\hbide>hbide.exe hbide.hbp

C:\harbour\contrib\hbide>hbide.exe idemisc.prg idethemes.prg

C:\harbour\contrib\hbide>hbide.exe C:\dev_hbmk\hbide.ini hbide.hbp


Storage Concepts


hbIDE stores various informations into a series of files with different formats and locations.


hbide.ini: is the standard INI format and stores various settings about the current state of hbIDE.

hbide.skt: is the file to store "Code Skeletons" or snippets. It is hb_serialize()d format.

hbide.scu: is the file to store user defined "Keyboard Macros" or shortcuts. It is hb_serialize()d format.


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