Compiler Environments

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hbIDE implements everything-in-one approach to define C compilers configurations. The file which stores thus settings is hbide.env. The interface implements a slot to hold the path to this file. By default it is searched where hbde.ini is loaded.



A Pictorial Overview



The contents in this file may look like this ( this is from my production environment - BTW ):





The content in "[ ]" square brackets is the environment name and also the delimiter for next environment. This name will be available to be selected in the context-menu on project name node of "Projects Tree". This is for informative purposes but you are encouraged to keep it as short as possible because it is displayed in the status-bar on selection.


{hbmk2} is the placeholder for parameters passed to hbMK2 directly on the command line. hbMK2 accepts two types of parameters; 1.included in the .hbp; 2. passed on the command line. For more details please read INSTALL. So this placeholder is the only way to pass command-line parameters hbMK2 will be expecting.


{contents} is the placeholder to accept all those commands which can be placed in a shell specific .bat  or .sh file. The information provided with {contents} becomes the body of such shell executable and is executed prior to invoking hbMK2.


"#" - hash is the only comments delimiter and must be specified as the first character on a new line followed by comments line.


All the environments defined as above are included in the context-menu. Last environment selected is retained for next-run.

The hbide.env file created as above is remembered and is loaded next time hhIDE is invoked.


This implementation ensures that you can link your projects with multiple compilers from within the same instance of hbIDE. Just change the environment from context-menu and compile. If you have provided the right kind of flags to hbMK2, chances are your projects will be build fine in first attempt. I use it extensively. Take use of it.


But the is not mandatory. You can still build your projects if you invoke hbIDE from console which is already configured for a compiler. In the absence of selection from context-menu, default environment prevailing is used.


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